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HypnoBabies update

4 Apr

I finally made it through the “Creating Anesthesia” HypnoBabies track without falling asleep!

I must say that the combination of not enough sleep and soothing background music are mostly to blame.

Anyway, this one was very interesting and will definitely pose a challenge in the coming days.   I need to practice the technique I learned tonight 5 times a day!  And since I couldn’t finish the track (and believe me I wasn’t experiencing hypnotic amnesia and forgetting about the track), I didn’t feel right moving onto new tracks associated with new “classes,” so I was feeling like I was falling behind… but now I have. Huzzah! [and the villagers rejoice!]

Plan for the next two days: practice the two tracks I’m on – both once daily.
Starting Thursday: next class’ track series.

Eep! I really want to get to my maintenance routine by the last week of April.