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4 Mar

I feel like I’m finally making these huge strides towards preparing for the birth of and homecoming of the Salty!Baby. Yesterday I bought the HypnoBabies course, and today, after months of saying that I would, I did my intake interview with the assistant director of a local non-profit doula group so I could have reduced cost access to doula care (I already knew who I wanted to be my doula, I just needed to sign-up for the program!).

Birth check-list:

  • Have an OB I trust – check!
  • Have my labor and post-partum support team assembled (aka birth cheerleaders) on board:
    • husband – check!
    • mom – check!
      • shore up plans for beginning of visit – can’t do until see OB on Thursday.
    • doula – check!
  • Buy and study the HypnoBabies CD course – first part down!
  • Register for the baby’s things – check!
  • Prepare room for baby – over the next 9 weeks
  • Gather supplies like diapers and blankets for first few weeks – in the next eight weeks
  • Prepare with childbirth course – check! we will start 8 week course in April (cutting it a bit close, but we’ve been reading and will have HypnoBabies, too.)
  • Prepare for breastfeeding – check!
  • Develop a plan for leave from work – I have the info at least.
  • Create birth plan and refine with doula – this weekend!
  • Attend out of town baby showers – April
  • Pack bag – end of April…
    • toiletries
    • clothing for labor
    • clothing for post-partum
    • layette
    • snacks for birth support team and myself to nom on during labor…
  • Look into chest freezers (rental?) and stock up on low-carb and protein rich meals for post-partum period – in April
  • Be at least 39 wks –  I’m closer than I’ve ever been *wink*


About 13 weeks until go-time. OMG! YES!


I feel like a douche

28 Feb

I just drew up a guest list for a baby shower a family friend is throwing for me in Houston. I won’t lie, I feel horrid inviting people I haven’t spoken to in months… I just as bad not inviting others… and the worst part is, that when all was said and done, I’d put down 28 names, which made me feel bad, too! Like I was being greedy for wanting to celebrate the impending birth of my child with friends and family. I don’t want the family friend to feel like we’re inviting more than she could accommodate, but at the same time, I know that sometimes you just have to ask for things and see what happens.

*sigh* Sometimes you just can’t win.