This is a “cast” list of the people and their pseudonyms that you might see here on my blog.

  • “Salty”, “Salty Mami/Mama” – Moi!
  • Husband, hubby, “Big Daddy” – my husband of three years and father of our baby.
  • Star – my sister, younger by 27 months
  • Mom – my mother
  • Dr. Diablita – an ob/gyn whose approach I don’t like, who belongs to a group that has sub-par office staff and nurses.  I was referred to her for gynecological care a few years ago by my old primary care physician.  I switched as soon as I could.
  • Y – Phlebotomist at Dr. Diablita’s office.  Considering the amount of blood work I had done at Dr. Diablita’s office and my general attitude toward the other staff members, saying that I like her means a lot.  I miss her and her tiny closet-office.
  • Dr. Endocrine – I’m still getting a feel out for him, but he seems to get what I need from a doctor outside of medical care.  I see him at a large Diabetes/Endocrine Disease specialty clinic.
  • Jennifer – Dr. Endocrine’s Family Nurse Practitioner.  Instead of seeing Dr. Endocrine every month, I will see Jennifer for 2 or 3 visits, then see Dr. Endocrine, then repeat the cycle.  The endocrine clinic believes in efficiency.
  • Dr. V – my current high-risk OB/GYN.  She’s wonderful!  She’s been practicing in our area for years and anyone who knows of her has nothing but good things to say.
  • The Binder – a big binder where I keep my receipts, phone lists, appointment reminders, test results and other ephemera from the health care providers I will be seeing.