I’m pregnant!

I’m in my early twenties and I work as an administrative assistant at a school.  I’ve been married for 3 years.  This baby will be the first child for both of us.

I’ve got an impatient streak and a constant snarky monologue running in my head.  I do avoid saying rude or inconsiderate things in real life, I promise.  I don’t deny that I’m whiny – feel free to call me on it.

I have some conditions that will present challenges throughout my pregnancy; I was diagnosed with type II Diabetes and PCOS in November 2002 and have had spotty care since.  I also have some neuroses and severe white coat syndrome.

I feel drawn to help other women and their families.   I’m an aspiring birth and postpartum doula and I believe in a total body approach to woman’s care and birth work that addresses the body AND mind.

My goal for this blog is to record my story.  I want to share my experiences with others, but mostly I just want to remember as much as possible.