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28 Feb

I’m sorry I never finished updating. I’ve got a friggin nine-month old laying in bed. The trouble is, I still have trouble thinking about my labor and my little one’s birth. It wasn’t an experience and a lot went out of my hands. I went in for the induction and it went off the rails from there. Never again. I’m such a sheep. I know myself – when it comes to big things, I just want to be told what to do… and when it comes to birth, that wasn’t the best course of action for me. I have a beautiful daughter, but I don’t remember her birth and it makes me very sad. I love to lay down when we nurse and stroke her head – she’s my angel – but I have trouble thinking about births because hers. I read a birth story today, I think the first that I actually read all the way through since my daughter was born. I’ll try to write about her birth soon. I think it’ll help.