Nesting in the disaster area

19 Mar

I’ve been getting a little nesty. Which is good, because my house really does look like a disaster area. There are a ton of excuses, most involving the fact that my husband and I were never forced to clean much as kids, and the fact that we’re rarely both home. But they’re lame excuses and eventually things just need to be tidied.

I spent a little bit of time here and there this week picking up the living room, and this morning I finally got to a point where I could see the carpet. I’m mostly not exaggerating. Most of the crap wasn’t even stuff we needed in the house – just mail that we never finished sorted into the “special file” (that’s what Michael Scott and I call the trash can). The previous residents still receive a ton of mail here even though I’ve sent back bales of mail marked, “RETURN TO SENDER, Addressee moved”. (Special tip: learn who’s selling your name/address to other companies by changing your last name to XCompanyName when filling out forms. Like all my stuff from Bath and Body Works comes addressed to Mrs. Salty BathBody.)

This was the worst area in the house, so I’m really glad I’ve accomplished what I have. In the last few weeks, I’ve reorganized the bathroom (start small to boost my confidence) and have kept the kitchen at a manageable level (I don’t wash each dish after every meal, but at least I can cook stuff in it).

The only areas left to tackle are the laundry room/storage aka where the dogs will soon be sleeping, and the guestroom (which requires switching the “closet” back into the guestroom so that we can clear the second full-sized bedroom for the baby’s things).

I’m so pumped that I can’t even decide if I’m sarcastic.

Well, I only have the Rug Doctor for another 20 hours, gotta get on on cleaning the living room carpet.


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