Drip. Drop.

15 Mar
"Don't Cry Over It"

"Don't Cry Over It" by Flikr user sgrace

TMI post today.

The colostrum-leakage is going strong.

At first, it was just every couple of days, and seemed to only happen after I’d noticed severe breast and nipple tenderness.  It took a little bit of nipple manipulation to actually express any tangible amount, but I could see that it was there.  So I left my nipples alone, so as not to encourage it right away… because what does a woman who hasn’t even reached 30 weeks yet need with significant amounts of colostrum?

Then the other day, I noticed a little stain on my shirt after I had been aroused… okay, I admit I was weirded out by the arousal part, but I figured, okay, I just gotta keep my feelings in check.  Besides, it wasn’t much colostrum, and it didn’t happen again later that same day when other things did happen, so maybe it was a fluke, or maybe even a stain from something I’d eaten.

Then I discovered that it wasn’t a fluke.  Okay, I could deal with that.  Arousal changes the hormones in my body and triggers different things, so okay, it doesn’t feel like it can’t happen, I just wish it wouldn’t happen this way.

And this weekend, I discovered that now my body just wants to be all about the colostrum now.  I’m pretty sure that in under 2 hours on Saturday, I got about half a teaspoon from my left-breast alone.  It just kept going!  Like a faucet that you think you’ve tightened, and you see that little drop hanging out on the nozzle, but you’re sure it’s just remnants from when the flow was on and then you come back 2 minutes later and there’s a steady pattern of drips…  That was my boob.

I spent most of the weekend in, so I tried not to let the increasing area of dried pre-milk on my shirts bother me too much.  So what if I changed my shirt three times, this is a good sign: I know I’ll have plenty for the little one when she’s born.  But then I wanted to go get the dogs food.  And I had to get presentable to do it.  And I had no breast pads.

I thought, do I just forget about it and hope that my bra will bind me up enough to discourage my nipples from letting any colostrum down?  Do I go for the Kleenex, like I did so many misguided times in middle school?  At least’s soft and shouldn’t feel irritating against my sensitive nipples… I was standing in the bathroom and it struck me – panty liners.

During my last period, I bought a new HUGE economy box of liners. I’m going to be needing that absorbency any time soon.  And unlike pads, they’re thin.  And if I cut one in half, it wouldn’t leak stuffing or whatever it is that they layer up in there to make them absorbent.  So I grabbed a pair of scissors and a liner, cut it in half, peeled off the wax paper backing and put the halves right in my bra cups.

And I was damned glad I did.  After wearing my bra for a few hours, including on the 30 minute run for dog food and a burger (Carl’s Jr. Guac-Bacon Burger, low-carb style – yum!), I leaked enough that I could see where the dried colostrum had stained the liners.


Unfortunately, the liners aren’t breatheable and the shape leaves something to be desired, so after making do for one more day of work, last night I [wo]manned-up and made My First Breast-Feeding Supply Purchase.  And that’s why CVS/Pharmacy has my nine dollars and change.

Borrowed image from Lansinoh.com


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