26 weeks…

27 Feb

Holy cow, this pregnancy is at 26 weeks. This little one has been chilling out in my womb for 6 whole months. Where did time go????

She (or he – that’s still a distinct possibility, even if my intuition says otherwise) has been really active over the weekend. Full on aqua-robics! Last night, the hubs and I were trying to get…*cozy* and she wouldn’t let me forget she was there. Thanks kid, I’ll remember this and get you back later somehow…

No doctor appointments this coming week, thank goodness.

We have another of those lovely monthly sonograms scheduled for the 10th, and then a regular OB visit that same afternoon. Yaaay. I want to work on some of my birth “intentions” for that visit. I’ll probably have a rough outline here next weekend – I have to take a lot of thoughts on the actual interventions and routines, as well as my personal comfort measures, and find a way to boil them down. Oy vey, I could go on forever about that.


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