trying not to freak out – FREAK-OUT AVOIDED

22 Feb


I’ve put off making solid plans for taking leave for several reasons:

  1. I thought I understood what the big fact sheets were saying and I thought I would qualify for FMLA.
  2. What if I lost the baby?
  3. I knew that my condition as a diabetic could mean that many, many, many things could change with just the results of one office visit and I didn’t want to be overly optimistic.
  4. I just didn’t want to.

Well, that’s all biting me in the butt because I had started to imagine what my leave would entail and it’s not going to be ANYTHING like what I thought.

I called Human Resources awhile ago and they told me that I just don’t qualify for FMLA because I didn’t start “Full-time” until November and it won’t have been a full year in that position by the time I deliver.  Umm, suck?  That means I MIGHT get lucky and get to take a full six weeks off.  I do qualify for short-term disability (which would probably be the 6 weeks) and then they have something called non-qualifying family and medical leave here (not the same as full-federal leave) which is up to 30 days and may or may not be inclusive of the short-term disability.

Ugh, I haven’t received the info pack from HR yet, so I know feeling really blue about this might be premature.  It just sucks to feel that my time here as a part-time employee doesn’t “count” and if I had not been promoted, I’d have almost no job protection.  I’ve been with this school for over a year and a half!  It’s times like these when a woman realizes the challenges that trying to be a working parent will cause.

*sigh* I guess this means I need to get serious about the search for a daycare…

… okay AS I WAS WRITING THIS (to keep from crying on the phone to my husband) I got a phone call from HR… HECK YEAH! They checked my “hours worked” in the last year, and I do qualify for FMLA.  THANK GOD!  I didn’t freak out too much (considering who I am) when I heard I didn’t qualify for FMLA, but now, I am bursting with excitement!   I want to do a little dance.  This is WONDERFUL! I should have known that it was strange that she’d refer to my previous position as “your time as a temp” – she didn’t realize I’d been here for that long, working the hours that I did.  I should have remembered that I’ve looked at the FMLA info sheets online from the government and that I felt from my understanding of them that I would qualify – I should not have let one person, who made a less than fully informed comment change what I thought I knew.  Thank you whomever in HR mentioned that to her or whatever spirit moved her hand to check.

Umm… so in summation, to tie this whole entry up, I guess I would recommend to each pregnant woman to be familiar with her rights by checking independent sources.  Don’t expect that others know what they’re talking about (they might, and if it’s their job, they probably do) – do your leg work first and then consult your source, THEN double-check.

*sigh* Little Salty!Babe, we’re gonna be okay.


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