Planned Parenthood

18 Feb

I just read that the U.S. House of Representatives has voted to defund Planned Parenthood, a service that provides reproductive and preventative health services like counseling, STI tests, birth control to men and women, cancer screenings, and well-woman check-ups.

Planned Parenthood is already unable to use federal funding for abortion services, which feels restrictive, but takes the opinions of many tax-payers into account. That’s the democratic process, I can live with that.

Denying funding for a service which provides such basic needs as testing and screening, which fills in the gaps for many people who may not qualify for other aid but can’t afford to purchase services at full-cost at a private provider is just STUPID and NEGLIGENT. That’s forgetting how to be HUMAN. We as the American public should recognize that it is our civil duty to look out for others and reproductive health is a big arena where our small contribution can make a huge difference. An often-quoted estimate says that for each US taxpayer dollar spent on family-planning services, like Planned Parenthood, taxpayers are saved four (!!!!) in Medicaid costs.

This is a time of prayer. May the Senators see that this is a fool-hardy move that will not save taxpayers money. May they understand in their hearts that Planned Parenthood can be a valuable resource and service to the communities.


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