My boobs hate me

16 Feb

They do, I just know it.

TMI after cut

My breasts huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurt.  ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.  And not just a dull ache, now it’s mostly centered on the nipple and arreola.  They’re sensitive to heat and cold and worst of all I get these stings of pain.  I have taken to crossing my arms in front of my chest so I can apply super-stealthy counter-pressure to the sharp sensation, but it doesn’t really help.

Man, I wish I worked from home.  If I did then I would just sit around topless and braless all day.

I know that the discomfort is the side-effect of a good thing.  My body is making colostrum, which is the precursor to mature milk.  I should consider myself lucky because I know for sure that the Salty!baby will definitely have a snack ready to nom on when she comes into the world.

I didn’t know how lucky I was in the few weeks between my breasts being tender because of my then new pregnancy and my breasts feeling like they were being stabbed with knitting needles from the inside.  Oh to have taken more notice of those blissful weeks of no discomfort… *sigh*

I’m starting to get significant amounts that just seem to express themselves – this morning in the shower I pulled off a dried up thing that I can only describe as a colostrum scab, similar to how milk dries up around the lip of opened plastic gallons.  This wasn’t just a flake, no.  It was a full blown “scab” of colostrum that had leaked from my breast overnight.  It had been enough to cover the entire end of my nipple.   Now, I am a picker.  I love to remove things from my skin: hair, scabs, blackheads – I do it all… but this?  Frankly, this was a little disturbing. Mostly because I immediately drew the comparison to the gallon of milk sitting in my refrigerator… *shudder* I’ve gotta stop doing that.

Oh goodness, how I am going to survive the next 16 weeks?


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