15 Feb

I’m not going to say I’m sorry for the radio silence. I know I have a couple of readers and I am so grateful to know I am connected through my blog to a “real” audience, but last week was CRAZY.

We had that MFM appointment last Monday, wherein I just barely didn’t have a full-blown panic attack, learned that my baby’s size indicates an estimated due date of 3 days later than we had been working on (which correlates with the previous sonos and becomes ammo for avoiding or at least delaying an induction and all the cascading interventions that one could lead to), and proved that I could do pretty danged awesome with my BG control when given real parameters and a carb-consumption plan. I currently don’t have to see that doc every week, which makes me super excited. I do see her next Monday morning, which makes me sad, but at least I got to space it out. Also, we learned that the baby is “probably a girl” mostly because of lack of obvious penis – baby was chillin’ out in the frank breech position with her little legs straight in front of her face and neither doc nor tech could get a clear enough shot of the genitals.  I’m okay with a little mystery, particularly because I don’t want over-gender the baby.

After visiting with the MFM on one side of town, I got to visit Dr. Endocrinologist. I’ve been meeting with his FNP, Jennifer, who is AWESOME and meeting with her means I can actually have monthly appointments and short wait times, so I don’t mind too much… But this was the big “three-month” visit with Dr. Endocrinologist and I was kind of excited because so much had changed.  And he was impressed. He kept saying, “Mrs. Salty, you’ve got to be really proud of yourself.” Damn right! I love it when doctors are able to be positive with you. He’s definitely one of my cheerleaders. Aaaaaaaannnnnnddd, he agreed that I can hold off on my next visit to the diabetes clinic until after I deliver. 🙂  Though he’s crazy and seems to believe that I WILL be induced at 38 weeks and that I should schedule with him for the week I’m due… hahahahahahaha, not if I can do anything to prevent that.

Tuesday through Thursday were a blur. The weather was cold and I was trying to make up some hours at work so I kept missing out on sleep so I could go to work early. I didn’t pack the lunches and snacks I should have and my diet suffered. Also, I had to skip out on my usual Thursday volunteering with the childbirth education classes because I needed to try to get some extra sleep.

Friday was a bit of the same, plus my “show”. I joined a shadowcast for a movie called Repo! The Genetic Opera in the month I got pregnant (I swear, I just started making all these changes that month). I joined primarily because I wasn’t “hanging out” with anybody on any regular basis and let’s face it, I do better with routine, so a performing “troupe” of sorts who’d have to schedule rehearsals and performances seemed like a great idea… I was also supposed to only have 1 role… which snow-balled into 2 roles… which became 3, and then 4. Now, not one of these roles is pivotal to the story, they just set the scene for the drama to unfold, but I try to take it seriously.  And I’ve been crafting little props here and there when I could, like crocheting a pair of false breasts for a guy who cross-dresses as a female character. I saw one picture on Facebook  and the falsies MADE the woman (though the hairy neckline made for hilarity).  So Friday was our “big show” at a local music spot because we’d been a little hazy on whether we’d ever make it back to the small movie theater that we normally performed at.  Having an actual stage really engaged the audience (having an actual dressing room also kept the cast on best behavior).  It was a wonderful show; the energy of all the cast members was phenomenal and everything “clicked”.  I hope we’re invited back before I have to “retire”.

Saturday was a mess.  See, I didn’t get home until sometime close to 2 a.m. Bad idea.  It was like a hang-over minus the alcohol part.  I was just worn out from the long week.  I spent the whole weekend at home in a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms.  I just zoned out and caught up on news and my favorite sitcoms online.  I even played some World of Warcraft and the Sims2.  It was a really productive weekend…

Now, speaking of productive… it’s time for me to clean the kitchen.  yay.


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