Show time

6 Feb

This morning I was awoken by our smallest dog licking my hand.  (They’ve been sleeping with us because of the “cold” weather in south Texas.) I batted him away and moved my hand under the blanket and on to my tummy…

and just happened to feel the baby kick!  From the outside!  I could feel him or her movement from outside my skin!

I laid there for what seemed like forever, just waiting for the little one to do it again.  And the baby obliged.  And again!

It was so cool!

And then my mind finally began to process that I should share this moment with my poor husband.  So far this pregnancy has been so self-centered – I’m the one carrying the child, I’m the one who feels the child move, who gets to go to the doctor, who gets to complain, and register, and be showered with gifts for the baby.

So, I nudged the husband awake and pulled his hand into “position”.

And he got impatient and wanted to go back to sleep.  Hopefully, the little one will put on another show soon… while dad is awake.


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