Pre-doctor thoughts

1 Feb

I’m feeling less emotional about addressing issues with the kidlet’s grandparents. I really needed to get that out.

On another note, I noticed that baby is really active this morning. She had been rather “quiet” all weekend and then thirty minutes ago, BOOM, the circus has come to my uterus. I wonder if he or she is moving because he or she senses my doctor-anxiety or if it’s just random…

Also: low blood sugar = high blood pressure. This is such a “DUH” moment for me. If my blood sugar gets low, my adrenal glands produce adrenaline and one of the effects of adrenaline is an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. DUH. So if I’m more careful about my blood sugar and keeping it steady at a healthy level, my blood pressure will not be affected. If I am not, the adrenaline monster will creep up and bite my ass. And I have enough trying to raise my BP without adding extra fiends.

Doc appointment in an hour, I best get cracking on my last few work tasks and get that BG chart filled out.


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