They Say the 2nd Trimester is Supposed to Be Easy

22 Jan


Another random pain alert.

TMI pain description to follow cut.

My nipples HURT.  I had sore breasts for the first month or so that I knew I was pregnant, but that went away.  And now I have a separate, but far more irritating pain concentrated in my nipples.  Most of the time it’s a dull ache and they’re just sensitive to touch, but sometimes it becomes an itch or a sharp, needle-like pain.  The worst offender is lefty over here, but righty gets in on it, too.

This pain has to be related to one of the following factors:

  • It’s been kinda cold (I’m a south Texas wimp) and my body is just sensitive.  Having hard nips 75% of the time is not easy on me.
  • I’m leaking colostrum already (since week 17~18), though just drops here or there and the sharper pains may be correlated to leakage.  (more investigation needed to prove this)
  • The washing machines at the laundromat had enough soap residue to make me itch/My husband bought and used soap there. (unlikely, but I have to think of all the possibilities.)
  • This could somehow be related to diabetic neuropathy?  (I don’t have numbness or pains like this in my hands or feet so this is the reaching for a horrible cause hypothesis.)

I’m trying to get a hold of an friend’s mom who is an L.C.  and I see Dr. V on Tuesday, so I should have answers soon.  Again, as long as it doesn’t feel horrible (this is more annoying and bothersome than death-like), and I don’t show signs related to an infection, I’ve got to just assume, it’s just an annoying, but normal, part of pregnancy that no one talks about.

I’m going to go sleep.


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