16 Jan

Some of the local grocery stores have spaces marked “Expectant and New Mother Parking.” It’s a new trend in parking lots.  Typically these spaces are next to the handicap accessible spots or are at least pretty close to the store entrance near lampposts.  They’re prime parking.

When I was newly married (omg 3.5 years ago!) and I had to “go to market”, I was always upset that there wasn’t a “Lone Female Parking” spot. Even in broad daylight I felt vulnerable returning to the parking lot alone. What if someone snatched my purse or knocked me over the head with a rock when I was loading my things into the car and stuffed me in my trunk , where I’d smush the bread while the offender drove me to the desert to have his way with me and then leave me to die of dehydration…?

I got over that over-active-imagination-induced scenario right quick. I’m pretty confident that I will not get hurt walking to and from my car alone.  Still, I try to “park smart”. I look for spaces next to lampposts and cart-corrals so I can find them easily and maintain visibility. It’s common sense.

So back to the mother-parking… I’m a bit apprehensive to park there.  Sure, the Texas Department of Public Safety doesn’t yet issue special expectant mother hang-tags, but what if someone sees me getting out of my car and judges me? Or what if, as I climb out of my car, a mom with two car seats in her mini-van pulls past, hoping to find a spot up close to the entrance? What if a woman is just there to pick up diapers and formula for her colicky baby? I feel pooch-y but it’s not immediately obvious that I’m pregnant – all an outsider would see is a young, able-bodied woman taking the Expectant Mother spot.

I totally parked there the other day.  I won’t lie: I’d already gone down a few aisles looking for a spot and this was the first one open.  Was it wrong to park there? I don’t know if you could call it wrong or right, but hell, I got there first and I fit the bill, so I’m not gonna worry about it… this time.


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