11 Jan

I just had the most random feeling cramps…

TMI to follow cut…

There was a sudden pulse of pressure.  It was uncomfortable in the same sense that a nail-free pinch is – it made me twist and want to sit up straight.   It happened 3 times in succession, with about 5 seconds between each wave.

The cramp – or rather, cramps were in my vagina… or maybe my vulva… looking back on it, it’s kind of hard to place… and I can’t just touch myself to figure it out now – besides it was an internal cramp, not an outward appearing twitch or something.

What sucks about this is that it’s extremely un-google-able.  Every new sensation I’ve gotten since realizing I was pregnant, I declare “normal in pregnancy” until proven otherwise.  Otherwise I’d be freaking out a lot more and no one wants to see that.

Anyway, from what I gather online it seems normal, and may just be part of the muscle groups shifting.  yay.

Still doesn’t make it any less weird.


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