Doctor tomorrow!

5 Jan

I see my OB, Dr. V tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully my insurance transition will go smoother with this doctor’s office.  My visit, I’m not worried about.  I wasn’t able to get my Quad Screen done because there was no order for it for the nurses to give me – I’m a little confused on how that worked out, but honestly, I’m not worrying about it because once I have the blood drawn I know I’ll be a wreck until I hear the results. I will, however, show her my blood glucose log that I haven’t been filling out as I go, so that is going to cause me a sore hand tonight.

I’m also going to take my food diary.

I just started it Monday evening, and after just three days I’m disappointed in myself.  Why? Because I know I can eat better. I know the *hows* of healthy-conscious meal planning and preparation, but I just can’t consistently implement it. Okay, it’s not that I can’t, it’s that I don’t. But keeping the food diary, which will help me carb count, which in turn will help me use my insulin more effectively and reduce my dependence on the bolus (mealtime) injections, is going to make me pay attention.

I entered this pregnancy with out of control type 2 diabetes. I want to do what I can to reduce my child’s chances of having diabetes him- or herself. That notion means that I want to breastfeed (which may reduce the child’s risk of developing diabetes) and I need to train myself to eat healthy proportions of a variety of healthy foods so I can set an example of how to live. I have to hold myself accountable for my eating for my kid’s sake and that’s that.


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