3 Jan

Apparently, when I called back in early November to ask if [Major Insurance Co.]’s POS was honored by my endocrinology clinic, and was told yes, what they actually meant was, “well, maybe”. What I didn’t understand was that there are different POS contracts from the same insurance company, and the clinic doesn’t honor the one that I currently have. So I’m out-of-network, which makes me “private pay” in the office, which means I could pay close to $300 for each doctor/nurse practitioner visit. Ugh.

Today has been stressful. I purposely chose to go with the plan I did because I thought choosing the POS would mean that I could continue with the doctors that I have. And I grossly misunderstood where my benefits stood in the equation.

I’m going to be proactive. I rescheduled today’s NP visit for later so that I can try to figure things out, but I went to the carb-counting class so that I could self-manage my diabetes better. I’m going to do some internet reconnaissance tonight and I’ll call the insurance directly tomorrow to confirm my findings.

I cried a bit today. Strike that; I cried way more than necessary. I’m a crier by nature. I express my emotions not with words, but with tears. But I’m not going to cry about this situation anymore. It’s done and I will move on.


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