Visiting WIC

28 Dec

It has been wonderfully slow-paced for the last week or so and I love it. This past weekend was Christmas and while we did a Christmas Eve service, my husband and I did nothing else. It was nice, but I’m already excited for next year when we’ll get to celebrate with our little one. I think we might finally invest in decorations!

I went to sign up for WIC assistance this morning.   WIC is a state-by-state program, funded by federal grants, to provide supplemental assistance to women, infants and children under the age of 5.  You can qualify if your household income is under 185% of the Federal Poverty guidelines or you receive other aid like medicaid.  I know some people have trouble asking for aid, but that’s one of the benefits of our government; we are able to offer aid (with stipulations) to people who need it, be it housing, groceries, education – they want to get you on your feet.

I was in and out of my local WIC office in about 90 minutes.  I didn’t have to wait to be approved either – there was no waiting list for benefits in my area, so I have a card in my possession right now for use of benefits.  YAY!  It’s comforting to know I will have some help with groceries. That means more money towards savings and the car and house, and ultimately, that means less stress. The state has been pushing a campaign for more breast-feeding, so the WIC counselor gave me a couple of pamphlets and a DVD on breastfeeding. I’m actually not too worried about the atmosphere I’m going to encounter when I do breastfeed, I’ve got the doulas, several mommy-friends, a friend’s mom who is an LC, another family friend who is a L&D nurse, and now I’ve got the WIC b/f-ing peer to turn to – I think I’m going to be fine.

While the outcome of the WIC visit was good, being there was humbling.  I logged onto Facebook when I got back and I saw that a friend of my family – the L&D nurse – had sent me a note with encouragement.  Being pregnant is not emotionally easy, and I am so grateful for the network of caring friends that I have.


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