Baby Steps

16 Dec

I’m going to be completely honest here:

I had to cancel my appointment and blood draw for today because I could not possibly cover the cost of my co-pay.

Some money mismanagement happened and I was expecting a auto-deduction from our checking account to go through on Friday, but it went through last night and caused an overdraft.

We will be fine: I will get a small direct deposit today or tomorrow morning from my part-time job, which should bring us back into the black, but I couldn’t risk going to the appointment and trying to pay my co-pay without knowing for sure that I’d have the funds.

It’s a bitch. I’m looking at some assistance programs that will help pregnant women close the gap, like WIC, because while I make “enough” we aren’t the best at using what we’ve got.  And my husband and I are also working on budgeting better and clipping coupons and watching sales – we’re trying, but I’ll be the first to admit that we never had the “training” part of life where we lived independently of our parents and each other before living together in a house with utilities and cars to maintain.  It’s not exactly a recipe for immediate success.  It’s all baby steps.