15 Dec

I’m not having a great week. I’m trying really hard… okay, scratch that: I’m not trying. I haven’t actively tried to think about my week being “good”, but I’m just tired of it all. I’ve been sick and I’m not getting better right away.

I want to sleep for a couple more hours.

Right now, I feel so gross and tired and it’s hard to appreciate the fact that I’ve got my little one growing inside of me. He or she‘s got tiny little fingers and is growing at a barely perceptible but indeed rapid pace. We’ve got about 25 weeks to go, he or she and I, until we meet face to face.  🙂

All these feelings of doubt and fear are normal. And I’ve been sick, so feeling bad makes sense.   And feeling down makes even more sense when I remember that I forgot to renew my insulin Rx before I ran out.  And I just finished reading Push, which was the inspiration for the movie Precious.

These things are dawning on me as I write.  A very cathartic, “oh yeah…” moment.

I’ll find my positivity soon.  I’m just in a funk – it’s normal and it’ll be over soon.

Mirth of the day:

If you’re feeling down like me, maybe this song from Garfunkel & Oates will bring a smile to your face – it helped me a bit.


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