Pineapple Juice be Damned

14 Dec

My husband has let it be known (I think since we first started dating) that he wants to raise a family of girls.  Not just a girl, but 3 or more.  He’s crazy.

Someone once told him (I think it was my mom, to be perfectly honest) that he could tip the scales in his favor by drinking pineapple juice when we decided to start a family.  Lucky me, I know that he is sensitive to the proteins in the fruit and will not allow him fresh pineapple or any straight pineapple juice (funny story: we went to buy *ahem* supplies once and I insisted we needed a distracting item to get through the register – I’m not that shy now).

Well, dang it, whether he drank the juice or not, I think it’s a girl.  I really have this feeling.  And it makes me sad because I’ve very anti-gendering babies; I don’t want a plethora of pink in my house and I would want my kid to understand that he or she could do, be, any feel however they want.

But I still feel it’s going to be a girl.

The Chinese Gender charts say I’m having a girl.

The heart rate method says I’m having a girl.

The old wives’ tales are slowly stacking in favor of a girl.

The fact that little girl babies keep turning their heads to me and reaching for me in public allegedly means I’m having a girl.

And my intuition tells me this is a girl; when I think about this baby, I just don’t see a little boy.

I’m still going to have wait until that ultrasound circa week 20 to be sure…  I could just drop the $35 and pick up an Intelligender test at the pharmacy, which is allegedly 80% accurate, but I hate peeing in cups, so I’ll just be patient.

Did you find out the sex of your baby?  Were the old wives’ tales correct or mistaken?


5 Responses to “Pineapple Juice be Damned”

  1. Nicole V December 17, 2010 at 7:12 pm #

    My intuition told me it was a girl. Even before I knew for sure I was pregnant, I knew I would be having a daughter. The way I carried (all belly & high up) supposedly meant boy, but nope. I say go with your gut, girlie!


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