Somethings been on my mind

30 Nov

I’ve been having weird dreams. A good dream followed by a dire one, then another positive one… but in the morning it’s the bad ones that stick… One this weekend had harm come to my unborn baby because of my own actions – a side effect I think of too much sugar and a dash of diabetes-care paranoia.

So, in a round about way, this has been on my mind. I try not to be too political because I am really quite moderate, though I consider myself liberal leaning.

But die-hard anti-choice protestors scare me.

I’m freaking Catholic. A lapsed Catholic, but Catholic none the less. I believe there is a soul that is growing within me and that it is my duty to nurture that soul and teach it about the beauty that is God and that we are all brothers and sisters on this earth and we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us… but I live in this nation. In this world. And this world, though imbued with God’s works, is also a world of choice and those choices have resulted in ugly, ugly things. Things like disease and ignorance and rape. We live in a world where we are nourished in our bodies enough where girls are hitting puberty at 11 and while their bodies are capable of conceiving, their bodies and minds are not always prepared for carrying and raising a child. And poverty, ignorance and mental illness leave other women without the support structure to raise children on their own.

I love my God – our God – THE God, because I have faith that we can all find purpose and meaning. And I know my church teaches that having an abortion is wrong. It is taking a life that never had a chance to fight for itself. That life never got it’s chance to exercise free-will and leave an impact on the greater world.

But it is not my right to stop others from making decisions that could save their lives or mental well-being. I hope I never have to make that decision. I pray I am never asked to terminate and I hope that the people I interact with would never turn to termination of a viable pregnancy as a form of family planning or birth control, but I can’t believe that I should force even those people into getting illegal, unmonitored abortions. There are sadly valid reasons for termination and it’s not my place to decide for others.

I can lead by example, I can be the best Christian I can be and do good works so that others see the way and learn of the value of all lives. But to create a dangerous situation for the exceptions is a work of evil. And that’s just how I see it.


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