Low Blood Sugar Rant

18 Nov

I’m going to say right now, that my blood sugar is actually really low at the moment and I wrote this blog to stay sane while I eat my snack and wait for my glucose level to come back up.  If this gets a little weird, it’s ’cause I have a hard time being coherent when I’m freaking out because my blood sugar has dropped.  It’s not just physiological, for me, it’s also emotional

I can’t seem to match my idea of a healthy diet to blood glucose level I have with the amount of insulin I’m supposed to take and it’s driving me nuts.  I’m supposed to have an appointment on Monday with the nurse practitioner at the endocrine clinic, but they called and canceled yesterday… now it’s pushed back.

I’m not on a precise exchange diet (something Dr. V suggested and I was going to bring up to my endocrinologist’s NP) but I’m trying to just eat “sensibly” right now on a limited budget. My diet is nowhere near 100% fresh ingredients and still about 20% takeout, but please trust me – I’m making changes that are significant for me at the moment, and I have to face the reality of financial and time budgets.

For example: Tuesday night was chicken-spinach alfredo for two of us, made with half a jar of national-brand sauce (hello sodium, fat, and probably HFCS), 2/3 of a pound of white fettuccine, two freezer-burned, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and a package of chopped frozen spinach. This was the whole meal and this is “healthy” for us. I know… but it was stilll better than a double burger with two slices of cheese and a “serving” of fries with a diet cola from What-a-burger (I will admit, that was Monday night). And at least there were left overs for a small lunch the next day. It was good and I didn’t get low BG Tuesday night, nor did I get low BG Wednesday at all…

Please explain why this morning (fasting 85), I had a Starbucks muffin with two sausage patties for breakfast, then, for lunch (beforehand 69 – not good) a Starbucks (again) mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwich with carrot sticks and a half package of Lucy’s cinnamon thins and three hours later my blood glucose is in the 60s and I’m shaking! Time for a spoonful of peanut butter and some popcorn.

I’d really rather not spill ketones, pass out or go into a coma… but I’m also trying not to glaze my baby or internal organs with sugar. This is frustrating and I really wish my diabetes had already been in check before I got pregnant. The extra pressure of trying to make my body become instantly healthy for my baby’s sake is not easy and these low blood sugar episodes are definitely not fun – they make me feel like crap and raise my anxiety levels. I also wish my Monday appointment  hadn’t been canceled.


3 Responses to “Low Blood Sugar Rant”

  1. Pat November 18, 2010 at 5:32 pm #


    I feel your pain…it may be that they have you on too much insulin, or that you’re pumping your body with too much food at one go (instead of spreading out six meals a day) and burning it off too fast. Carbs spike your sugar something fierce, but your body also tends to burn them and crash faster, dipping your glucose level, than the sugar you’d get from an apple or a more protein rich source.

    They tell you that you should always include some sort of vinegar with pasta preps (and ideally most grain type carbs) because the vinegar makes the carbs burn slower and more steady, keeping your glucose more happy.

    I know you didn’t have problems with pasta night, but who knows, it may be your body doesn’t do well with carbs. Mine tends to dip if I don’t eat smaller meals through a day and then spikes horribly if I eat one meal a day (which has been my issue the last couple of days leading to super dizzy nauseous me).

    Another issue…fats tend to make the blood sugar rise slower, when it’s low, keep to simple sugars (peanut butter in my experience has too much fat to make my sugars rise effectively. I tended to go with a spoonful of sugar and cinnamon or handful of honey roasted/glazed nuts to raise mine when they had me on insulin and later glucophage/metformin). Dad’s best friend when his sugars are low is a half a glass of orange juice followed by a snack of cheese and crackers.

    It’ll get better! I promise! ❤

    • andapinchofsalt November 19, 2010 at 9:11 am #

      Thanks, I always feel so desolate when my blood sugar gets low. I do need to work on eating 5-6 small meals instead of 3 big meals.

      I have never heard that about vinegar! I’d heard that drinking Apple Cider Vinegar before eating was good for digestion and I tried it once… and never again. But maybe I’ll just look for ways to cook with the vinegar. Yum!

      I’m going to try to be super good about timing meals and keeping a COMPLETE log of my glucose readings this weekend, so that on Monday I can call in and ask about an adjustment in my insulin. I was able to reschedule for the third of December.

      I had some sugar tablets (GROSS!) in my purse so I ate those right before my snack, which I had only planned to have the mini bag of popcorn, but I added the PB so that it would sustain me through til I got out of work. It was a weird combination.

  2. Karl Marceaux November 12, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

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