Having Cravings

11 Nov

My cravings so far haven’t been too bad… or too weird… yet.  I haven’t wanted pickles dipped in peanut butter or other crazy combinations.

I’ve been craving German-style potato salad, served cold.  I want the vinegar!  (The bacon makes it more awesome though.)

And sauerkraut – hot. Preferably as part of a rueben sandwich.  Again, vinegary (or salty, depending on it’s preparation).

And seeded, light rye bread (I just need a rueben to get through the week!)  or a good hot, fresh out the oven sourdough, made from a starter, not from yeast.  I need to try more bread recipes.

And eggs, scrambled or hard cooked.  I had 4 on Sunday morning.

And rosemary.  I put a metric ton of dried rosemary on my chicken yesterday.  I wanted something woody and fragrant.  Maybe I’ll buy one of those “Christmas” potted rosemary bushes.  Or just hang out in the seasonal section of Hobby Lobby.

And the filling from Hostess Chocolate cupcakes… It’s the worst craving and of course, I caved into it today by eating the whole 2-pack and now I feel sick.  I didn’t want the cupcakes – just the cream filling.  (Make of that what you will Freud! It wasn’t a Twinkie!)

I have mostly avoided colas and coffee since I learned I was expecting and I don’t miss it as much as I did in the first few days.  I’ve incorporated a small amount of iced tea (trying to figure less than a 24 fl oz cup with ice/day) back into my diet, but it’s mostly because I’m getting picky about water.  Believe me, I’m trying to get enough water in, too.  I challenged the baby-daddy to see who could consistently finish two 32oz bottles or more a day.

I wish I had healthier cravings – as it is, my cravings are working against me.  I’ll survive.


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