I Had a Good Consult – Hooray!

5 Nov

I had a wonderful visit with Dr. V.  It was long – I was there for almost 3 hours after all the waiting, but it did include more than 40 minutes in the office one-on-one with the doc and then time for another sonogram which she performed herself.  She is very affable and genuine and is able to explain information well.

One of the big questions I asked was, “by what you know of my medical history today, do you see yourself recommending a cesarean or induction?”  She gave me exactly what I wanted to hear – that she’d weigh the options when it came time.  I’ve read too many horror stories to be comfortable with planning my birth like that (No thanks to you MOBSW!), but I have to be comfortable with the fact that in my situation, it could become medically necessary.  I want a doctor who is willing to be prepared for the worst (c-section), but expect – no, DESIRE the best (vaginal birth after unaugmented labor).

The last important thing I asked Dr. V was, “Are you willing to be excited for me?”

See, I’m all for seriousness and I understand that the medical staff see this everyday, but I’m growing a life inside of me!  I am carrying around this miracle with a heartbeat.  I love this little alien and he or she is forever woven into the tapestry of my life and my husband’s no matter the outcome.  I told her how I was disappointed that no one ever looked me in the eyes and smiled while saying “Mrs. Salty, you’re pregnant!”  Thinking back on it, the Institute (Dr. Diablita’s group) was simply not warm to me in that way.

I realized in that interview that I am trying to pull together a team of providers for my baby and I and I want each provider to be a cheerleader too.   I want them to celebrate with me.  Because, when you think about it, being enthusiastic is the least one can do.   It is perhaps the easiest type of sympathy… If I don’t seek out providers who are able to be excited, then how could I expect them to show compassion and tact in the face of adverse news?


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