I’m Impressed

3 Nov

So I finally got off my lazy behind and called some of the other providers that I’ve gotten referrals to. My possible-doula text this morning with a name and I knew I couldn’t show my face to volunteer at Childbirth Ed. class tomorrow night if I hadn’t called someone else for consultations. I mean, what’s the point of a consultation if I just agree to go with the first person whose face I see?

I called back to the OBs associated with the midwives and got a precise, polite answer for why I was rejected – I can be at peace with that now. I also called a Maternal-Fetal Specialist Group and found out they don’t do “self-referrals” – a physician or obstetrician has to refer me directly. (Aha! Moment of the Day: so that’s why I couldn’t find the phone number on their website!). I eliminated one name because he didn’t directly accept my insurance plan, and I eliminated another because she had multiple low ratings online. And then I called my doula friend’s referral. The doctor, himself, answered the line. I spoke. to. the. doctor. himself… He OFFERED – and not reluctantly – a SATURDAY (!!!) AFTERNOON (!!!) appointment. he said I could text him with questions. Text. I mean even if it’s not him answering the text – that’s just damned convenient. I know I’ve got a lot of experience with HMO plans and large clinics, but I wasn’t prepared for the shock of convenience… or admittedly, the perception of convenience – but WOW!  This doula tells me he delivers 100% of his clients. Be still my little heart! (Don’t let my BP go up!)

He might just be my modern day Dr. Huxtable.  🙂


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