I Just Want a Copy of My Records!

2 Nov

After my midwife trouble last week, one of the doulas I know suggested that I contact Dr. Diablita’s office about having a copy of my records that I can take with me to other doctors, INSTEAD of having them mailed or faxed over. This way, the negative facts might be neutralized by speaking with me directly. For instance, my blood glucose levels were really high when I first saw the OB/GYN for my pregnancy, but I’m now under the care of a endocrinologist and I take insulin. This makes a lot of sense to me. And it would be easy if Dr. Diablita’s office didn’t charge me more than a copay’s worth for a copy of my own record.

I hate that doctors’ offices make you pay crazy amounts of money for a copy of your file. I seriously tried to barter the nurse down! The lowest the woman on the other end of the line would go was $25. That office charges $25 flat and then $.50 per page over a certain number, but apparently the office staff just charges everyone $27.50. My file isn’t even big enough to warrant the extra charge. My eyes were like this –> o.O

I hate the charge, but I hate that I can rationalize it as an administrative assistant even more! Copying a piece of paper usually costs less than the 10 cents one pays at a coin-operated machine but you still don’t want people to take advantage of your resources and time, so charging crazy amounts extra is an easy deterrent.

Well I’m going to have them fax over the file tomorrow (doctor-to-doctor file sharing is free – thank goodness) and hope that seeing my file without seeing me doesn’t scare away another doc. And I’ll just wait until Friday’s payday to pick up a copy for myself.


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