Finding Hope through “Crowd-Sourcing”

28 Oct

I have an amazing network of friends and acquaintances. On Tuesday, when I felt so lost, I sent out a text to a few people and the recommendations for other providers came pouring in. I have one consultation appointment already set up with an OB/GYN (who’s not very close by) and I’ve narrowed down a couple of other phone numbers to call for OBs and Maternal-Fetal/Perinatal Specialists. Yay! Thank you everyone for your encouraging spirits and all the great leads.

My experience this week has really proved that I want to blog/journal throughout this pregnancy. Why aren’t there more people talking about Diabetes, especially type 2, during pregnancy? Type 2 is pandemic to our culture and we can point the finger at many reasons – cultural, nutritional, genetic – but the fact remains that the number of women who will have to navigate diabetes during their pregnancy will only grow.

So this is another call-to-arms: what are your favorite resources on diabetes in pregnancy or high-risk pregnancies? Would it be helpful if I start an list of books and other items that I find helpful – or would that be condescending or presumptuous?


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