Trying to Stay Organized

21 Oct

I’m trying very hard to keep record of my health especially during this pregnancy.  I used to have a small memo book but I would just shove receipts and such into it and it fell apart quickly.  That system is obviously not going to work, especially not with the extra visits and tests and multiple doctors I will be seeing.  When I was getting married, I used The Brides Essential Wedding Planner by Amy Nebens.  It was broken down into sections by stages of planning.  The best part was that it was ring-bound so it was easy to add things like copies of contracts and take out what I didn’t need.  It was wonderful.  So I thought I’d apply the same concept to being organized for my pregnancy.

At my local Barnes and Noble, the pregnancy planners that were available were either spiral- or adhesive-bound and  the ones that had pockets had dimensions smaller than the 8.5″ x 11″ print-outs that I’d probably get.  Basically their level of personalization is low.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I’ve taken the slender binder that I used for my Natural Family Planning charts and added dividers, including sections for my old temp charts, a section for stuff from my endocrinologist, a section for things from my OB and the midwives and a section for the prescription printouts that my pharmacy gives me each time I get a script refilled.  I personally prefer dividers with pockets in them because nothing comes pre-hole-punched  — I was so lucky to find some at Office Max.  While I was there, I picked up a cheap hole-punched, zippered pencil case for loose items like small receipts and an extra pen.

I plan to add some paper for notes and questions  and print out monthly calendars covering the next 12 months so I have an analog reference on hand for making appointments, since I keep my schedule through my work e-mail on Outlook.  I’m also starting a reference list of phone numbers for my health care providers, future doula, and emergency contacts (including a prioritization of who should be contacted in an emergency, when I go into active labor or when the baby is actually born), so I’ll include a print out of that.

I think I’m going to need a bigger binder.

Does anyone else have suggestions to improve my system?


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