I Stood Up for My Care

19 Oct

I had a follow-up with Dr. D from my sonogram.  My appointment was scheduled for 1:10, but I probably didn’t see her until about 2.  Not bad, but not what I would have wished for.

When she finally came in her response to the sono was, “oh hey, you’re right: there is a baby in there, let’s get you scheduled for more appointments…” which would have included genetic screening (ack! paranoia running rampant just thinking about it!) and an appointment just to fill out paperwork on what seemed to be birth options.  To give her credit, she did ask me how I was doing with the diabetes.  Sadly she didn’t remember that she was the one who referred me to the clinic Dr. Endocrine works at, which made me believe that there is a disconnect between the office staff taking her advice quite literally and what she directs them to do — they should have made a note that they had scheduled me for that appointment, though perhaps she was probing me with ill-constructed open-ended questioning.

As she started writing down orders for more appointments, I finally caught her attention and she asked me what I was thinking and I told her straight up that I wanted to look at other providers.  I said, “look, I’m an aspiring doula and I’ve heard some recommendations for other providers in the area and I want to look into seeing them.”  She got a bit defensive and I got mumbly-nervous but I stuck to my assertion that I know I am NOT having a low-risk pregnancy, but that I don’t feel comfortable with her practice and I wanted to see if there was a group in the area that could provide more one-on-one care for me.  I’m so proud of myself.  🙂 I hope she understands that I don’t specifically mean it as some slight against her – I’m just “picky”.


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