Taking Prenatal Vitamins with Interesting Results

9 Oct

TMI warning.  I’m experiencing some side effects from my prenatal vitamins.

So… seriously, this is going to be a bit of overshare.  You have been warned!

My stools have been green since the day after I started one of the samples of prenatal vitamins the doctor gave me.  EW!  There is nothing indicating that on the sample pack’s info blurb!

According to a the Mayo Clinic’s website, green stools can be a result of iron supplements.  My diet has not changed significantly in those four days and I have no other symptoms indicating sickness… so it must be the extra iron in the prenatal vitamin.  A Google search brought up a couple of less than reputable pages that stated that the reason for the green color is that the body doesn’t store excess iron so the iron salts provide that lovely color when my body discards it.  Also, the iron supplements can cause constipation (which I haven’t had quite yet, but things haven’t been as smooth as usual).  Yay!  Guess I should call the doctor’s office…

BTW: Concept OB ™ claims the equivalent of 475% of the “Daily Value” of elemental iron – I don’t know if that’s the DV for the “average” adult on 2000 calories a day or if it’s adjusted for a pregnant woman, but MEIN GOTT!  NO WONDER!!!  Gotta check the other packages now.

(Edited 10/11/2010 to add TMI warning and blog cut.)


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