7 Oct

Went in for my follow-up hCG serum test this morning. I should hear back by tomorrow morning. AHH!

Meanwhile, I did get a call from Dr. Diablita’s nurse that my blood glucose levels were REALLY REALLY HIGH. I had been diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic about 8 years ago and I haven’t been under the care of a doctor so I knew this was likely. The nurse immediately said she was going to make an appointment for me…

mmm, okay? Don’t I usually have the right to decide where I’m going to go? Or what times are good for me? Because that’s one of the impediments to my access to healthcare – if I take time off to get treatment, I miss work and then I not only fail to make money, but I also spend more money than I make in that same time period… it’s a crude way to look at it and it’s extremely limited in scope because poor health costs more in the long run, but it’s what I’ve got to work with right now. Also, my deductible is crazy high and I pay a lot out of pocket… eh, anyway, I was a bit thrown off by her manner, though I know the matter is urgent…

The statement the nurse made that got the biggest reaction out of me was that Dr. Endocrinologist will be part of Dr. Diablita’s team throughout my pregnancy… I really wanted to snort and say, “Bish please, as soon as this initial bit is done with the testing and 2nd ultrasound, I’m outta here!” But I held my tongue.

I am still planning on seeing the nurse midwives with whom I set up an appointment for the 27th. It’s my right to check out the care of other providers and I’m going to exercise it. I know I may not be the best candidate for midwife care but that doesn’t mean I can’t investigate it. And who knows, Dr. Endocrinologist probably is awesome and he can be on my midwife’s team.

And I’m getting me a doula – no doubt.


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